Journalist was not partial or biased

By Barry Tucker     December 22, 2012

The past two years have been marked by criticism of Australia’s mainstream news media (MSM) for failing to put any hard questions to the federal Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott.

It is said the MSM is giving Mr Abbott a free run in his campaign to denigrate the Prime Minister, her government and its policies.

There have been moments when Mr Abbott’s campaign has hit a speed bump. One of these occurred on ABC TV’s 7.30 report on August 22 when journalist and presenter Leigh Sales got Mr Abbott to admit he was commenting on a statement he had not read.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) received two complaints (on August 29 and 31) that the interview was “partial” and “showed bias” by the ABC and Ms Sales.

On December 17, 2012, ACMA issued a finding that neither the program nor Ms Sales had breached Section 4.1 of the ABC Code of Practice. The report includes a description of the relevant code, a transcript of the interview, a summary of the complaints, a statement by the ABC and the finding.

You can read ACMA’s report here