Daily Telegraph disgraces itself again

By Barry Tucker                   25 May, 2014

Rupert Murdoch’s attack dog tabloid The Daily Telegraph has launched a disgusting attack on disabled and mentally ill pensioners.

The newspaper misled its readers by claiming a queue of people were disabled pensioners. It juxtaposed this with a famous picture of World War 2 Diggers to make an irrelevant comparison between real heroes and people it claimed were “slackers”.

Gutter pressSocial media was quick to point out the misuse of a stock photograph from Shutterstock. Others were incensed by the misuse of Damien Parer’s historic war picture.

The Daily Telegraph on-line edition ran the story under the heading: Disability pensions are a losing battle.

That story was the latest instalment in the Tele’s campaign against pensions and in support of the Liberal-National Party’s first budget, the most unpopular budget in 20 years.

Disability Discrimination Commissioner Graeme Innes commented on the campaign in an interview for the ABC’s PM radio program.

Frank Quinlan, CEO of the Mental Health Council of Australia, responded to the article on the ABC’s The Drum.

Complaints about newspaper articles should be lodged with The Australian Press Council.