Ten slashes news production

By Barry Tucker                    21 May, 2014

Channel 10 today announced it was axing its Wake Up early breakfast show, its early and late news and retrenching some 150 staff. Local editions of the main evening news bulletin will continue.

As I recall, Channel Ten was making inroads on the more established 7 and 9 only a few years ago. A series of executive hirings has resulted in chaos, culminating recently in the departure of part owner Lachlan Murdoch, who joined his father Rupert as co-chairman of News Corp.

The latest changes follow the poaching last year of Peter Meakin, who was on the point of retiring. Meakin came from South Australia to head Channel Ten’s Sydney news department in the late ’60s. Meakin’s original tour of duty at Ten is not mentioned in his Wikipedia bio. Meakin has worked on all three Sydney commercial networks. He has a fondness for sacking incumbent staff and hiring his favourites. He is now back where he began, at least as far as east coast TV is concerned. See pages 6 and 12 for more.

It seems Ten just can’t hire good executive staff or get its programming right. News and advertising media on-line magazine mUmBRELLA has many stories on Ten in its archives. See Ten axes Wake Up for its coverage of the latest fiasco at Ten.