ABC News corrupted by News Corp views

Comment by Barry Tucker

While News Corp maintains its criticism of the ABC, claiming it is infested with Left wing journalists, commentators and programs, News Corp journalists frequently appear in ABC news and public affairs commentary.

In fact, ABC producers and journalists invite News Corp journalists and Conservative think tank commentators to appear on their shows or comment on breaking news. This makes a mockery of News Corp’s claims of Left wing bias in the publicly funded broadcaster.

Some instances of this have been outlined in a formal complaint to the ABC by journalist and media watcher Alan Austin. Because he has not received a response, well beyond the time allowed for one, he has released his complaint on social media and on the news magazine site Independent Australia.

Austin’s complaint is that News Corp is a corrupted and biased news organisation and is using the taxpayer funded ABC as a platform for biased, inaccurate and falsified reporting and commentary.

For more on the Murdoch/IPA/Liberal party campaign to destroy or defund the ABC (and SBS), see: War on ABC continues.

AustinAlan Austin is an Australian freelance journalist now living near Nîmes in the South of France. His special interests are the news media, religious affairs and economic and social issues which impact the disadvantaged.

Alan has written for many media outlets and been published in most Australian newspapers and online publications. He wrote the influential Uniting Church report on prisons in Victoria in the 1980s which led directly to the jailing of prison officers for drug offences. He worked for eight years with ABC Radio and Television’s religious broadcasts unit and seven years with World Vision. His most recent part-time appointment was with the Uniting Church magazine Crosslight.

He has worked as a journalist in Indonesia, China and now France.

[Picture and bio taken from IA website. Click on Austin’s by line for a long list of his stories.]