News Corp’s role in Labor’s defeat

News Corp newspapers played a significant role in the defeat of Labor in the 2013 federal election, according to a Kevin Rudd (former PM) insider.

In a book to be released on 4 November, 2013, Bruce Hawker, one of Rudd’s closest advisers, describes the efforts that were made to regain the support of News Corp in the lead-up to the election campaign.

Hawker says News Corp’s anti-Rudd, anti-Labor campaign (some of which appears on this website) did Opposition Leader Tony Abbott’s dirty work, which meant Abbott could appear to be playing a positive role.

“News Corp is easily the most powerful political force in Australia – bigger than the major parties or the combined weight of the unions … I saw how, on a daily basis, the storm of negative stories that emanated from News Corp papers blew our campaign off course,” Hawker writes.

Murdoch supported Rudd as Opposition Leader during the election campaign that won government for Labor in 2007 but withdrew this support as Labor went down in opinion polls during 2010. Abbott was elected Liberal Parliamentary Party leader on December 1, 2009.

You can read more about the book, The Rudd Rebellion: The Campaign to Save Labor, in an article in the Guardian by Lenore Taylor.

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