Citizen alleges ABC censorship

13 September, 2013

A citizen has lodged a complaint on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s (ABC) Facebook page, alleging censorship of her Tweets to ABC accounts.

The procedure for complaining to or about the ABC is to write to the body’s “independent” complaints department. See on this site for details.

@stephrice88‘s Facebook page post is duplicated below, with Ms Rice’s permission.

My Post on ABC FB page asking “Should public servants be able to criticize public policy on social media?”

Updated Sep 11, 2013
As a civilian operating under my own name my tweets are being censored by twitter and/or ABC as my comments don’t show up under ANY hash tag categories or conversations. The blocking started when I was vocal about Tony Abbott’s sexist remarks & Paul Sheehan condoning his remarks as acceptable toward women on national TV.
I know ABC can see my tweets on the reels as some are taken & used for display on TV, yet the public cannot see or engage with my tweets. I have informed #TheDrum today that I will be writing an academic paper on twitter censorship.
I also wrote to twitter advising them of my intention to go public on unfair censorship & my letters are being ignored.
I am amazed that ABC is now asking for opinions on censorship for Public Servants when they are censoring private citizens themselves for no explainable reason.
If you prefer to discuss this subject with me now ABC I am happy to hear an explanation. Customer Service would be good for a change or do you just censor people with no explanation?
If you delete this post, I will presume ABC has something to hide & that they really don’t believe in Free Speech at all.
This post will be cc’d as part of my collection of evidence as to whether I get a response or not & will be included in my papers to publish.
Attached is a letter I wrote to Twitter on this issue which consequently is being ignored. No apology, no explanation, no help, nothing.
Surprise me ABC, do the right thing & contact me, or pass my complaint on to appropriate personnel to have this matter dealt with FAIRLY.
Read Ms Rice’s ABC Facebook post and any comments. Scroll down to last entry August 29, added to September 3.
If the ABC or Twitter replies to Ms Rice’s complaint, it will be added below.