Public comments on media bias

Comment by Barry Tucker                   25 August, 2013


You might say the picture above is funny. You might say “Ha. Get over it.” When you consider that it’s one in a series of front pages denigrating the federal Labor government your opinion might change, even a little.

The Daily Telegraph front page cartoons have been causing a stir. Only one has resulted in a ruling, ordering an apology, by the Australian Press Council. That does not mean that only one has been the subject of a complaint.

The one above drew a complaint from Labor Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, the man depicted as a Nazi officer. His complaint was met with derision from Right-wing politicians and commentators. They claimed Mr Rudd was exaggerating and trying to deflect attention onto the national broadband issue and away from himself. The Murdoch news media campaign against Labor has been running since mid-2009. Murdoch previously supported Rudd.

The ABC News website ran the picture, a brief story (with links) and invited readers to comment.

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