Newsagent refuses to sell Murdoch’s Telegraph

By Barry Tucker                    7 August, 2013

A newsagent couple in a small New South Wales town have refused to sell The Daily Telegraph of August 5, 2013, because of its biased front page.

Gareth Gardner photo 050813GGF01

Gareth Gardner photo 050813GGF01

Glen and Kim Sheluchin (above) said they were refusing to sell the edition as a protest. Mr Sheluchin rang the paper’s Sydney office to tell them about the decision.

Mrs Sheluchin is a former Liberal voter who now supports the Labor Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd.

She said her decision to withdraw the edition would have been the same if the cover had been biased against the Liberal Opposition.

Mr Sheluchin said he didn’t appreciate a newspaper telling him how to vote.

“A paper is there to provide us with information so we can form our own decisions,” he said.

The Sheluchin’s store is in Wallabadah, a small township off The New England Highway, well inland from Port Macquarie and 74 km south of Tamworth.

The full story and the picture above was published in Tamworth’s The Northern Daily Leader (a Fairfax publication) today.

Read all about it.

The Daily Telegraph went further with its Thursday, 8 August, edition. A poor quality picture of the front page appeared on Twitter at about 11 pm and attracted considerable outrage.

Tele 1

The faces belong to Anthony Albanese (L), Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Communications (media), Craig Thomson, former Labor MP now Independent, and the Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd. The uniforms and insignia are those of WWII Germany. Thomson is wearing a US Air Force cap.

The DT’s treatment of the story relates to the fact that Craig Thomson was suspended from the party because of allegations of misusing his union credit card. Those matters are before the court.

After resuming the Prime Ministership recently, Mr Rudd brought on a national intervention in the affairs of the NSW branch of the Labor party due to other matters that were about to be reported on by the NSW ICAC (corruption commission).

Those matters did not involve Mr Thomson. Mr Rudd’s move, along with other decisions he announced, was designed to improve Labor’s image ahead of the general election on 7 September, 2013.

The Daily Telegraph story said the fact that Mr Albanese had a beer with Mr Thomson made a mockery of Mr Rudd’s efforts to reform the party.

Tele 2

The image above appeared on The Daily Telegraph’s website. The small inset purports to be a photograph of Mr Albanese (L) and Mr Thomson drinking together.

The picture was overlaid with this caption:

A SECRET meeting for beers between Deputy Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and Labor pariah Craig Thomson has undermined PM Kevin Rudd’s claims he is forging “a new way” for the ALP.

You can read the full story, if you want to.

Update, Friday, 9 August

And then the idea began to catch on:


The CEO of News Corp, Kim Williams, today announced his resignation, after 20 years service, effective this weekend. Media site mUmBRELLA has a good coverage of the story.