The Murdoch tape

Compilation by Barry Tucker                    5 July, 2013

Staff of Rupert Murdoch have recorded a staff meeting where the media baron comments on the efficiency of Britain’s police force, harassment of his employees and the history of bribery.

He describes the inquiry into the practices of the now defunct News of the World newspaper as “a disgrace”.

The recording was made last March. During the meeting one staffer says: “It would be nice to hit back when we can.” Murdoch replies: “We will. We will.”

The recording was obtained by investigative website Exaro and was reported on at length by Britain’s Channel 4.

The story has been covered by many Australian news outlets and Fifth Estate bloggers, but the Channel 4 report is probably the most comprehensive.


Saturday, 6 July the Guardian reported that Scotland Yard detectives had asked Exaro and Channel 4 for copies of the recording of the staff meeting.

The ABC’s European correspondent, Barbara Miller, reported that phone hacking victims claim the recording shows that Mr Murdoch misled the parliamentary inquiry into the scandal.

Thursday, 11 July The head of the Parliamentary inquiry into the phone hacking scandal has asked US Senators to investigate the contents of the Murdoch tape. This fact is buried in the Channel 4 report.