MSM fails to deal with climate change

COMMENT By Barry Tucker                    22 June, 2013

Three academics writing in The Conversation have severely criticised the mainstream news media for failing to take politicians to task over climate change policy. In Australian media failures promote climate policy inaction the academics write:“More insidious than outright denial of the science is a new form of denial where the science is accepted but where the need for carbon pricing and government intervention and regulation is denied. This appears to be the current position of the federal Coalition. Again this goes almost completely unchallenged.”“That such positions can be held but not defended while the science itself is attacked in Australia says much about the culture of commercial media in this country.”

You might be able to remember as far back as the 1980s and 1990s, when the expression “dumbing down” was being used to describe the process of feeding the population mindless garbage through the news media to keep them happy, ignorant and pacified. You don’t hear the expression so much these days. It’s not that the term has gone out of use; it’s because the process has been completed. Even the journalists, comperes, hosts, editors and commentators have caught the disease.

It seems the cartoonists have escaped; probably saved by their sense of humour, and irony.

In my opinion, the pursuit of profits is the reason for the political turmoil that Australia has endured for the past three years. The interest groups that own the commercial news media (the same interest groups that now control elements of the ABC) want the socialist progressive Labor government gone and replaced by the business and industry friendly Liberal National Party Coalition.

The policy will be to dig up, cut down, blast and burn anything that can produce a buck today and bugger tomorrow — that will be someone else’s problem. Business and industry does not want to either acknowledge a climate change crisis or pay to avert one.

That may sound like a simplistic conspiracy theory, but what other reason could there be?