Something you wouldn’t read about

By Barry Tucker                    11 May, 2013

Here’s something you won’t read in the mainstream Press: a line by line analysis of some “political” reporting.

The “analyst” is Andrew Elder, writing in his blog Politically homeless, the kidney of the nation. His first “victim” is Jacqueline Maley, a Canberra based journalist for The Sydney Morning Herald.

Disseminating political falsehoods is the opposite
of what her job should be about.

After commenting on each paragraph of Ms Maley’s advertisement for the new Tony Abbott posing as a political comment, there’s this:

There is almost no journalism worth a damn going on in the press gallery. Only one Walkley has been awarded to a member of the Federal Parliamentary Press Gallery in this term of Parliament, despite the wealth of material theatre there since the last election. The only exception, Steve Pennells, had to get out of Canberra and go to Christmas Island, an assignment that may have been easier from his native Perth. Non-press-gallery journos like [Leigh] Sales and Kate McClymont won Walkleys for stories on federal politics, eating the lunch of those bums in Canberra. The idea that the press gallery contains Australia’s journalistic elite is a joke.

Mr Elder then plucks the feathers of Chris Johnson, National Political Correspondent for the SMH. He leaves part of this work to Preston Towers, writing in the blog The Preston Institute.

Frustrated, possibly, Mr Elder asks Canberra veteran ABC Insiders host Barrie Cassidy (a Press officer to former PM Bob Hawke, none the less) what he puts “the current politico-media malaise down to”.

He’s not happy with Mr Cassidy’s explanations. It looks like another sales job on behalf of Mr Abbott.

COMMENT: I try to be fair & balanced in this resource centre, but it’s difficult to be impartial in view of what has been presented in the MSM (and I include commercial and publicly-funded radio and tv) since the overthrow of the previous Prime Minister and subsequent election of our first female PM. I have one question for the MSM, especially the political writers and commentators: How well do you understand Opposition Leader Tony Abbott and the kind of government he will introduce, mainly as the result of your promotion of him?

Mr Elder has since written a second instalment, which includes a critique of an article by former SBS journalist and news reader Mary Kostakidis.

Read all about it here.

According to the bio on his blogsite: Andrew Elder was a member of the Liberal Party of Australia, starting off as a libertarian-punk, then as a moderate seeking to preserve rights and freedoms in a changing world. Now he scorns the know-nothing Liberals, doesn’t trust the Left and disdains the other interest groups that flit around Australian politics, and does so publicly yet obscurely.


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