Political news media “a joke”

By Barry Tucker

Mark Latham is a former Leader of the Federal Parliamentary Labor Party. He now works as a journalist and political commentator.

In an article in today’s Financial Review, Mr Latham commented on last week’s political circus played out by the Labor government and the antics of news media and other political “experts”.

“In the week in which the Gillard government failed to establish a public interest media advocate (PIMA) to improve the standard of journalism in Australia, the quality of political reporting fell to a new low.”

“Based on performance, the gallery should be disbanded, its office space in Parliament House rented out to bloggers.”

“The political media in Australia is a broken institution …”

“The greatest loss from last week was not the resignation of relatively obscure federal government ministers. It was the failure of Parliament to pass the PIMA* legislation.”

Read all about it (you know you want to).

*Public Interest Media Advocate