Condensed links

Some condensed links I’ve collected relevant to stories on this website and in my blog The Sniper. Help yourself.

Truth in News Media

Personal blog: The Sniper

Knowing when to attack

The most important vote in a lifetime

Is Mr Abbott a liability? National Times poll.

Lies, damned lies and sour grapes

Pennies Drop & the Balance Shifts

The Abbott enigma

CONTACTS: Political journos and media

IPA plan to re-construct Oz society

A little word, a big effect   OR

News Ltd/Liberal conspiracy alleged

Minister fires one across ABC’s bows

How Western govts degenerated into chaos

When the news is the news

Oh my god!


Campaign for Freedom of the Press

Why we need regulatin’

And the orchestra began on cue

Freedom of the Press Barons

Beefing up SM to counter MSM

My ideal religion

Of leaders and leadership


Complaints about Ten’s The Bolt Report should be in writing to Ten.
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