Enter the baron, exit the truth

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By Barry Tucker                    26 February, 2013

Vince O’Grady was a police constable in the UK before migrating to Australia in the 1970s. He found a different society, one with a better mannered news media than the one he left behind. He was just in time to witness the emergence of two news media barons: first Kerry Packer and then Rupert Murdoch. Mr O’Grady says the nature of Australia’s news media has changed under the influence of these two men. In the case of Rupert Murdoch, it has changed for the worse.

After detailing the background, Mr O’Grady contrasts the work of on-line magazine Independent Australia and their investigative contributor, Peter Wicks, on The Thomson Affair with the interest the mainstream news media (MNM) has shown in the matter. Mr Wicks worked with an informant and upstaged the MNM by detecting flaws in their “evidence”.

After making his own investigations, Mr O’Grady tried to interest the MNM in an alternative narrative, without success. His approach to the ABC’s 7.30 Report, Lateline and Media Watch received a “thank you” note from Media Watch only.

Mr O’Grady comments:

“There is no doubt in my mind whatsoever that the ABC is compromised as a purveyor of the truth with respect to the affairs of the Australian Parliament and their reporting of events surrounding Craig Thomson and his alleged wrongdoing. And their silence on Jacksonville confirms this bias. They have a Charter to inform the Australian public in a balanced way — they have breached this promise.

“One might expect the commercial free to air channels, who are often the purveyors of journalistic rubbish, may be inclined to ignore the truth — but it is the treatment of this issue by the ABC that is most disturbing.”

You can read Mr O’Grady’s story here: Independent Australia


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