Building bridges

By Barry Tucker                    22 February, 2013

Margo Kingston was an investigative journalist and a new media pioneer (Webdiary) before she fell victim to the political bias of her employer, the Fairfax owned Sydney Morning Herald.

The trouble began after Margo’s book Not happy, John (critical of then Liberal Prime Minister John Howard) was published. Margo says The Sydney Morning Herald began leaning further to the right at about that time.

Margo went into a kind of retirement but then began studying nursing. Recently, something sparked her interest in Social Media. As she became more involved Margo realised it could be a powerful tool to counter what is happening to mainstream news media (MNM). She now operates a Twitter account (@MargoKingston1) and the website Australians for Honest Politics (a delicious piece of irony for those who know the story behind the name).

In an interview for Australian Independent Media Network, Margo spoke about all the above and more. Read all about it: