Battling the bias

By Barry Tucker                    22 February, 2013

The aims of Truth in News Media have been clearly stated elsewhere on this site. To recap briefly, the purpose is to campaign against biased news reporting and for the restoration of objectivity (the opposite of bias).

It is unfortunate that the imbalance across the broad spectrum of Australian news media is such that by countering it the site appears to be Left-wing and biased itself. This is something I struggle with constantly. I have declared my personal support for the Australian Labor Party.

My own “journalism” is clearly anti-Liberal Party and more specifically anti the federal Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott, on a very personal level, based on my research and observation of him, which is why those stories have been separated from here and now appear on The Sniper blog

While some websites and blogs are Left wing, others appear to have a Left-wing flavour because they experience the same difficulties that I have in trying to be balanced while countering and reporting on bias. One such site that declared its difficulty this week is the fairly new and increasingly popular Australian Independent Media Network (AIMN).

Another campaigning site, IndependentAustralia, this week published what I think is the best rebuttal of news media bias that I have read this year The writer is Alan Austin, a freelance journalist with an interest in integrity in government and the news media.

AIMN was launched by the operator of Café Whispers, which reproduced Alan Austin’s article: Fairfax gets academia to out-Murdoch Murdoch. Read all about it:




3 thoughts on “Battling the bias

  1. When one demands truth, and points out the injustice and lies of the opposition or its MSM supporters, who unashamedly regard themselves as Right-wing, then we are naturally Left-wing. I can live with that, and feel proud.

  2. I’m not necessarily a Labor voter but am almost violently anti-Abbott, am interested in writing/media in general and deeply concerned at the lack of ‘truth in media’. As a West Australian I haven’t bought our local paper in years, but it’s beginning to look almost fair when I see the Eastern States papers.

    I’m often accused of being a ‘leftie’ if I post something asking for humane treatment of people such as asylum seekers. Apparently caring for others means ‘leftie’. No wonder I don’t respect so many of the ‘righties’.

    Very occasionally I come across an article where some LNP figure or issue receives the same treatment as Labor gets as a matter of course. It’s very very rare but illustrates the dire state of journalism in Australia. Whether that’s due to direction from above or poor quality or both I don’t know.

    Keep up the good work Barry!

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