Where the hell is Aunty?

By Barry Tucker                    18 February, 2013

You could say Nancy Cato grew up with Aunty. Aunty stimulated her mind and gave her access to a career. That was then. This is now, and Nancy is asking “Where the hell is Aunty?”

As any Australian knows, Aunty is our affectionate term for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, our ABC. Well, it was ours, but Australians are now saying it’s become “their” ABC, “their” being a reference to the evil forces of Conservative politics.

Nancy explains here, on the citizen journalism website Australians for Honest Politics http://bit.ly/11NS4FK



One thought on “Where the hell is Aunty?

  1. Nancy described perfectly what happened to the ABC.My wish would be for the general populous to read it,whether they agree with it or not.It surely would make them start thinking things like,”when did the Telegraph buy a TV station”?or “now Gina does not need to buy her own tabloid.

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