That’s refreshing!

By Barry Tucker          January 23, 2013

For far too long the fifth estate and social media have been pleading with mainstream news media (MNM) to get real and provide some decent coverage of political policy.

I could scarcely believe what I was seeing when I began reading Gay Alcorn’s piece on the last and the next election coverage in today’s National Times.

Yes, the news media had stuffed up in 2010, Ms Alcorn admitted. The coverage was shallow, sometimes irrelevant. The pressures were … it’s difficult …

And an admission that the politico elite in the Canberra Press Gallery missed the real point of the Prime Minister’s so-called “misogyny speech”. Sadly, still no recognition that the second biggest story since the 1975 dismissal (Ashbygate) got missed somehow and still hasn’t been adequately accounted for.

Then, the suggestion that perhaps the election campaign could be done better, differently this time.  Maybe the journos could focus on what info the punters need to help them decide who to vote for. There’s an idea. And, to steal her punchline “…if not this time, when?”

Read Ms Alcorn’s startling piece here. There’s an interesting tidbit on ABC chief Mark Scott too:

Gay Alcorn is a former editor of The Sunday Age and will write a column for The Age this year.

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