Global Mail drops a few stitches


Compilation, comment by Barry Tucker 0000000000 January 22, 2013

An internal power struggle is causing the knitting to unravel at The Global Mail.

Founding editor Monica Attard (five Walkley Awards) lost in a power struggle with CEO Jane Nicholls three months after launch (February, 2012).

The Global Mail’s Middle East correspondent Jess Hill was retrenched before Christmas and a few weeks after undergoing surgery to remove a brain tumor.

Less than a year after launch, half the original staff have left or been sacked.

Those who have gone complained of incompetence, left-bias, bullying and nepotism (employing relatives and friends).

The venture was launched with a promised $15 million in funding over five years by Wotif founder Graeme Wood. Wood has also promised financial backing for The Guardian’s proposed Australian site.

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One thought on “Global Mail drops a few stitches

  1. Newspapers as we knew them are dead, and in the now highly commercial world the obscene grab for advert money appears to triumph over any standards that may have lingered.The media owners use their papers as an avenue, not to inform with information but rather to lead and brainwash an unthinking readership. Journalists were to be admired for their investigative and sometimes dangerous work but now this respect is tempered with suspicion and scorn. The temptation to follow all things USA must be good for us, after all Rupert Murdoch, the granddaddy of our media is a US citizen.So what chance a new kid on the block will succeed where others are failing so badly, 50/50 I reckon.

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