Stop press! Roll on the interwebs

Traditional print news media is dying, squeezed by shrinking advertising income, readers being turned off by biased and shallow reporting and the growth of social media.

What form of news media will replace the dead tree model? Respected insider and news commentator Margo Kingston outlines her view:

The way I see it, the various independent online media groups need to get together, pool their resources, and step up to become a genuine media alternative to Murdoch and the dregs of Fairfax. Media academics could also be around the table.

Independent media must take Fairfax’s place

Margo Kingston*     The Drum Opinion     25 June, 2012

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Margo Kingston

Margo Kingston

*Margo Kingston retired from journalism in 2005 after 15 years in the Canberra Press Gallery and five years writing and editing the mainstream media’s first blog, Webdiary, on She wrote Off the Rails: the Pauline Hanson Trip (Allen & Unwin, 1999) and Not Happy, John! Defending our Democracy (Penguin, 2004).

In January this year, Margo launched a new style of online news outlet,, described as “a real-time personalized newspaper generated from your Twitter account”. Margo also has a blog at

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