The Dictator of the OZ

A detailed and lengthy profile of Chris Mitchell, Editor-in-Chief of The Australian, written by Sally Neighbour and published in The Monthly in August, 2011.

Arrogant bastard. Cowboy. Total ratbag. Best editor I’ve ever worked for. An insecure genius. A very complex person.

Talk to any journalist, commentator, politician or public figure in Australia and it seems they all have a view of Chris Mitchell, editor-in-chief of The Australian newspaper, now widely regarded as the most influential news outlet in the country – one that polarises readers and infuriates targets with its relentless crusading journalism.

Rupert Murdoch (left) and Chris Mitchell.

Rupert Murdoch (left) and Chris Mitchell.

Visionary. Zealot. Grenade thrower. The last of the great newspaper men. Arch Machiavellian brute – this from Mitchell himself, delivered tongue-in-cheek, and for the purpose of denying it.

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