Was Schapelle Corby “sacrificed”?

By Barry Tucker                    14 November, 2012

Schapelle Corby,  a young Australian woman, has been languishing in various Indonesian prisons since 2004 after telling Customs officers she “had some” (marijuana) in her boogie board bag.

The Australian news media has since acted in a manner that is reminiscent of its initial trial and judgment of Lindy Chamberlain over the loss of her baby, Azaria. After a number of inquiries and trials, a court ruled Azaria was taken, as Lindy had always claimed, by a dingo (a native Australian dog).

A comprehensive dossier on anyone and everyone who has had anything to do with Ms Corby’s case can be found on The Expendable Project website:


There is a comprehensive entry in Wikipedia, which appears to be impartial. It contains many external links and an extensive list of references.

At least three books have been written about Schapelle Corby’s case. One, Sins Of The Father, by Sun-Herald journalist Eamonn Duff (published by Allen & Unwin), is controversial. The Corby family sought to sue the publisher for defamation in December 2012.

In July this year (2012), Schapelle Corby’s sister Mercedes appeared before the Administrative Appeals Tribunal in Brisbane, seeking all emails, letters, files, documents and transcripts involving the former Australian Federal Police (AFP) Commissioner, Mick Keelty, under freedom-of-information laws.

A report of the hearing, by Cosima Marriner and Eamonn Duff, appeared in The Sydney Morning Herald (SMH) on September 23, 2012. The story included background provided by Eamonn Duff. To read that story: http://t.co/OqGSRKD2

See what The Expendable Project says about Eamonn Duff’s book here: www.sinsofthefather.net

On October 29, 2012, the Corby family filed court action for copyright infringement by Allen & Unwin over some photographs published in Eamonn Duff’s book. Read the SMH story here: http://bit.ly/Rj1qB7

UPDATE: On Wednesday, 23 April, 2013, Justice Robert Buchanan in the Federal Court ordered Allen & Unwin to give Corby’s solicitor Bill Kalantzis all unsold copies of the book for ”destruction”. Allen & Unwin were ordered to pay damages of more than $54,000.

In December 2012 the Corby family filed court action for defamation by Eamonn Duff and Allen & Unwin, seeking damages, the pulping of the book and exclusion of references to them in any future editions. The Telegraph story on that filing appears here http://bit.ly/12t8m4s

In August, 2012, Mainstream Books (Allen & Unwin) released a version of the book in the UK.

This report of legal matters surrounding the case is brief and incomplete.

The ultimate outcome of Schapelle’s case may be affected by an inquiry into Australian Customs operations, including allegations of illegal activities at Australian airports, announced on December 20, 2012.

The following day, The Australian on-line edition carried a story by The Daily Telegraph reporter Malcolm Holland, who quoted Corby family members commenting on the revelations of criminal activity regarding baggage handling at Sydney airport. Read that story here: http://bit.ly/UVcWD4

The author of Snowing Bali, Kathryn Bonella, was interviewed on NineMSN’s Today show on Sunday, December 23, 2012. Watch the interview here: http://on-msn.com/12ze195

Australian newspapers and TV last week reported that some more steps have been completed towards having Schapelle released on parole. If this happens she will have to remain with members of her Australian family in Indonesia.

A large number of citizens are working on the Expendable campaign to free Schapelle. In one initiative, the group is distributing a .pdf submission that contains many of the files the group has compiled.

It has been sent to 1,200 UN staff, the Commonwealth Secretariat and other agencies and every MP in every major nation. A group member said: “It’s rolling out on a program to every serious politician and mover and shaker across the world.”

Read a copy of the .pdf and follow its links to other material.

UPDATE, 16 November, 2013

Fremantle Media and the Channel 9 network are producing a telemovie on Schapelle, with additional funding of $567,000 from Screen Queensland Pty Ltd.

The Hidden World Research Group, an associate of The Expendable Project, has taken issue with the involvement of Screen Queensland P/L, the source of its funding and the issue of government ministerial involvement.

You can read a comprehensive .pdf file (with external links) on the Hidden World research pursuit of Queensland government involvement in the film project. The .pdf refers to a Law Council claim that former Australian Federal Police Commissioner Mick Keelty potentially jeopardised Schapelle’s chance of a fair trial by commenting that a key aspect of her defence is not supported by AFP intelligence. Read an ABC report on that affair.

Keelty was referring to the seizure on 8 October, 2004, of cocaine at Sydney international airport. This was the same day Schapelle’s boogie board passed through the terminal. It beggars belief that vision from CCTV cameras at three associated airports is not available for that day.

The film’s producer, Fremantle Media, is also being pursued with a series of questions related to its submission to Screen Queensland for funding. Read a copy of the initial correspondence.

Update, 27 March, 2014

In News Corp’s The Courier Mail today, Renee Viellaris reported that police have busted a cannabis smuggling gang operating through Brisbane airport. Baggage was being used. No baggage handlers have been implicated. The smuggling operation exploited slack security.

Update, 7 April, 2014

Renae Lawrence, an Australian who was imprisoned with Schapelle Corby and is still in jail, has made allegations about confessions she claims Corby made to her and another prisoner.

The story was reported today by Michael Bachelard, Indonesian correspondent for Melbourne’s Fairfax publication The Age. His story appears to be based on an interview with Lawrence broadcast by Channel Ten.

There are aspects of Lawrence’s claim that appear to be dubious so they will not be repeated here, but you can read them in Bachelard’s story.

In response to the Channel Ten interview, the Expendable Project team has produced a short video in which it makes certain claims about Lawrence.



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