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By site operator Barry Tucker*          October 29, 2012

There is a growing feeling in Australia that the bulk of the country’s News Media has been hijacked in a way that is threatening our democracy.

Opinion is divided, however. The Right says the News Media has been taken over by the Left. The Left says reporting and commentary is dominated by the Right.

It is to be expected that the commercially-owned print, radio and tv outlets would tend to favour the Liberal National Party coalition (LNP). It is also expected that the publicly-funded Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) would rigorously maintain a fair, balanced and objective standard of reporting. In the view of mainly Labor supporters and some independent observers, the ABC has abandoned objectivity and has joined a LNP crusade against the federal Labor government.

Overall, it seems to me that the principles of objectivity and balance (which I had no trouble observing for some 46 years as a journalist, sub-editor and publisher/editor) have been gradually  abandoned and comment, opinion, bias, distortion and imbalance have taken over — even among junior journalists.

Critics of the News Media say there is little worthwhile or in-depth analysis of the policies of either major party, almost no questioning of the rhetorical, slogan dominated and negative campaigning of the federal Opposition, and opinion-sharing, following and repeating in the mainstream media (MSM) and in the ABC.

This resource centre is intended to be a focal point and a place where concerned citizens can find contact details for government Ministers, News Media outlets, journalists, certain blogs, Twitter accounts and other relevant information.

Edmund Burke: “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good [people] do nothing.”

Victor Hugo: “Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.”

Concerned citizens are urged to use the information in this Resource Centre to take individual action to protest against distortion in any News Media. The Action Front for Truth in the News Media is not designed to become an organisation that people can join, or a petition to sign, or a Facebook page where people can comment and feel they have done their bit. It will remain a body without form, a movement with a purpose. The purpose is to campaign for the restoration of objective and balanced reporting in the MSM and in the ABC — in particular. Informed comment is an area where some latitude must be allowed.

Barry Tucker, Convenor Truth in News Media

Barry Tucker, Convenor Truth in News Media

This site is operated by Barry Tucker, a retired journalist who has worked in all forms of News Media and publishing. He is an Australian Labor Party (ALP) supporter, but not a member of the ALP. * His personal blogs (on writing, politics and news media) can be found at The Sniper http://bit.ly/UzlRMS

*25 June, 2014. Support of ALP withdrawn after 2013 election due to chaotic, disruptive, disloyal behaviour that gave disastrous Abbott-led LNP an easy win.

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